Amy Schumer Opens Up About the 'Trainwreck' Shooting: "It Is Something I Live with Every Day"

The tragedy claimed three lives—and has spurred her to take action.

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Amy Schumer hasn't forgotten. After a gunman opened fire this past July during a screening of Trainwreck, claiming three lives (including his own) and injuring others, Schumer teamed up with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, to propose new gun legislation. By powering forward on policy, she's hoping to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again—and also to process her own emotional devastation, which continues to linger.

"On Thursday, July 23rd, a man sat down for my movie, Trainwreck. I don't know why he picked my movie," she said on Sunday, according to The Times Picayune. "It is something I live with every day."

The star announced her partnership with Senator Schumer in August, and now the two have revealed their finalized plan—they're urging lawmakers to support a new bill (sponsored by both Schumer and Schumer) that would close a loophole which allows guns to be sold without background checks at gun shows and online. They've started spreading word about the campaign using the hashtag #AimingForChange, hoping to start a dialogue about gun control.

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