Amy Schumer and Her New Boyfriend Are Perfecting the Art of Instagram PDA

Modern love.

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Despite Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence being our One True Pairing (OTP, if you will), Amy has a boyfriend  (opens in new tab)and their relationship is the very definition of 2015's most over-used word: #goals.

Amy and her furniture designer partner, Ben Hanisch, recently became Instagram-official, and seem to have no problem showcasing their insanely sweet relationship to the world. Yep, the era of Amy + Ben PDA is upon us right in time for Valentine's Day. Let's go through some Insta-Highlights, shall we?

First, Amy and Ben snuggling at the Golden Globes.

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Next, a photo of Amy walking which Ben captioned, "There is no place I'd rather be." 

And finally, this good time.

No words, only this: 😍

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