Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne Performed 'The Lion King' at a Crosswalk Because Life Is Good

Seth = so not on board.

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Not to fan-girl too hard, but James Corden is changing the fabric of late night television one creative skit at a time, and his latest gift to the world is an off-Broadway production of Disney's The Lion King starring Rose Byrne and a very reluctant Seth Rogen.

The duo joined James for an ultra nerdy rendition of the musical, where Rose played both Timon and Nala and Seth was given the important task of being a tree. They basically spent their time running into traffic and singing while trying not to get run over by cars, and it was the actual best.

"I hope that more than anything they will just enjoy it," Corden mused. "That they will see that making shit movies isn't a way to live your life."

Words to live by.

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