Twerking Ellen DeGeneres Can't Quite Keep Up With Nicki Minaj

But she puts forth a valiant effort.

Sure, Ellen DeGeneres is known for dancing around on every episode of her daytime talk show. But maybe she should steer clear of butt-shaking.

The funny lady inserted herself into Nicki Minaj's twerk-filled "Anaconda" music video, donning booty shorts and tank tops and attempting the rapper's dance moves. Let's just say a career as Minaj's backup dancer likely isn't in the cards for her. (It's OK, Ellen; not even Fashion Week models could do it.) Minaj couldn't contain her laughter when she saw the clip.

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DeGeneres has long been a fan of Minaj, dressing up as her for Halloween last year and having her appear on her show to surprise two adorable fans. It's an unlikely BFF situation, but we're glad it exists.

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