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Bride Holds Auction To Choose Her Bridesmaids

The worst bridezilla story going once, going twice…sold!

Which Type of Wedding Dress Should You Wear?
Boho, classic, romantic, trendy? There are SO many options.
Cotton Bride
Meet the Cotton Bride
A new spin on a classic.
A Bride's Worst Nightmare Is Realized
For many women, the dress is one of the most exciting parts of the b…
12 Wedding Gowns That Are Even More Gorgeous From...
If you thought the front was good, just wait until you see what thes…
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bride in picture frame
Wedded Bliss: Bridal Tips & Trends
Everything you need to know about the big day, from beauty and style tips to wild new bridal trends.
The Rise of Groomzillas
Men are taking over weddings scrutinizing seating charts, agonizing over color schemes, and vetoing bridal gowns.
Bridal Makeup: The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Professional
There seems to be little question in a bride's mind regarding hiring a professional to do her hair, but the same certainty doesn't appl…
Would You Wear a Diaper on Your Wedding Day?
Although I fancy myself a pretty chill bride-to-be, I do understand the crazy thoughts that pop in your head when planning a wedding. B…
woman looking at her skin in the mirror
Get Perfect Skin for Your Big Day
MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, on getting great skin for a big event.
the marie claire wedding survival guide
Attack of the Bridesmaidzillas
Grinding with the father of the bride, ruining toasts, even ditching the wedding: You've never seen attendants like these.
wedding cake toppers
My Friend Is a Mail-Order Bride
Serving as matron of honor should be a privilege. But how could I endorse her marriage of convenience?
wedding cake toppers
Wedding Trends That Make It All Worthwhile
Wedding Trends That Make It All Worthwhile
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the marie claire wedding survival guide
Hello Weddings, Good-bye Savings
When friendship comes with a hefty price tag.
Where the Etiquette Books Get it Wrong
Wedding trends that send guests into mutiny.
Tasteful Alternatives to the Bawdy Bachelorette Party
A Vodka Gimlet, Hold the Penis Straw Please
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wedding cake toppers
Wedding Etiquette Advice
Advice from the experts about the big day.
The Bridesmaid Dress Mess
Better phrases to get us into that dress
the marie claire wedding survival guide
Nuptials 911 Cheat Sheet
Your no-fail cheat sheet for how to handle the biggest wedding disasters.