5 Annoying Things Brides Do That Are Actually Entirely Reasonable

Compulsions belonging to the most persnickety of brides have their legitimate roots.

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There is no more fitting description for a frazzled bride than "can't see the forest for the trees." Suddenly everything, from your lunch to your manicure, is weighted with marital importance: When should I start cutting out carbs? Is it tacky to wear bright-red polish with my new bling? And other, you know, important queries.

For those who are not mid-wedding planning, these traits are – in a word – annoying. After all, who wants to hang out with a friend who sees everything through bride-colored lenses? But as a one-time fiancée – and now a real-life married lady – I can tell you that these compulsions do have their legitimate roots. See below for explanations of some of the more wacky behavior:

1. Go on a wedding diet. It's a familiar refrain: "Oh, I can't have that pizza/beer/Cronut™, I'm on my wedding diet." Cue eyeroll. But take it from a girl that cut out alcohol for a solid two months before the big day: a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. True, your engaged friends may not be quite the party animals they normally are in the weeks leading up to their weddings, but it's only temporary. Use their detox as an excuse for a night on the town that doesn't involve jello shots.

2. Micromanage. Is your best friend having a tantrum because the dress you chose is peach, not blush? It is too easy as a bride to get consumed by the smallest details; and then get derailed when not everything goes according to plan. Before you quit the wedding party, remember that many brides have dreamt of their weddings since they were little tykes. And who can blame them for wanting it to be as perfect as their Pinterest page? But don't be afraid to give them a reality check, no one wants to be a bridezilla.

3. Talk about "The Big Day" incessantly. Every bride is guilty of this at some point during her engagement. But do you know who else is? Any girl who has a new fling. So think back to the last time you couldn't stop gushing over your new work crush and let her debate the merits of silk versus lace while you smile and nod.

4. Stare at her ring. All the time. It took me a few weeks before I could type at a keyboard without getting distracted. After all, your engagement ring is a tangible reminder that your life is about to change in a big way. Who wouldn't get distracted by that?

5. Make a wedding hashtag. Many of many friends made fun of me for this one, especially when my fiancé and I would have drawn-out discussions as to which portmanteau of our names made the most sense (in case you're wondering, we settled on #julielikeymikey). But post-wedding, when all of us were able to scroll through Instagram and Twitter to see the wacky candids guests snapped, even my biggest detractors admitted it was a stellar idea.

Juliet Izon is a writer living in New York City. She is the author of julietsmarried.com.

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