Kylie Jenner Built an Entire Wall of Lip Kits

Who knew a wall of Lip Kits could be so pretty?

The best remedies for lips.
10 Best Lip Glosses
For a perfect pout, prep yourself with these luscious lip remedies.
Big Beauty Trends: Lips
How to Get A Perfect Pout
You'll have a kissable pout in no time!
woman in white fur coat
How to Winter-Proof Your Skin
Effective skin-savers to keep you glowing till spring.
Favorite beauty products this month.
Beauty Obsessions and Confessions
With Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu.
compact of blush with makeup brush
Broken Heart Beauty: Makeup for a Breakup
When the look of lost love is in your eyes.
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Cindy Crawford 1990 (left), 2006 (right).
Is Your Makeup Aging You?
Insider tricks for looking forever young.
Best Beauty Products: Obsessions and Confessions
This Month's Beauty Obsessions
With Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu.
Beauty Snoop: Making Up With a Style Mogul
Making Up with a Style Mogul
Fashion show executive Fern Mallis.
Beauty Runway Trends
Beauty Going To Extremes
Striking trends to suit everyone.
Fall's hottest makeup, beauty, fragrance trends
This Season's Beauty Must-Haves
What's in your makeup case?
Private Eyes - She's got Bette Davis eyes - makeup
This Month's Beauty Obsessions
With Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu.
Double eyelid surgery.
Special Beauty Report: Erasing Ethnicity
The desire for American beauty.
elizabeth taylor
Hollywood Beauty Trends
Actress-influenced looks on fall's fashion runways
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Beauty News From Marie Claire
Get Luscious Lips Now
Beauty News
10 Best Beauty Products: Marie Claire
Best Beauty for Glowing Skin
Glisten good with this cool summer stash for your skin
yves saint laurent makeup
One Kiss Is Never Enough
The latest lipsticks
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benefit big magic lip gloss
Benefit Calls It Magic
Benefit for Big Brother, Big Sister
The Best Beauty Products
Life-Changing Beauty Products
Our beauty editors celebrate the creme de la cosmetics.
10 Best Beauty Products For You