James Comey Found Out He'd Been Fired Via TV

After seeing it on TV.

Russia's Youth Protests Government in Mass Rally
Thousands of young people showed up to protest the Russian governmen…
CIA Says Russians Were Trying to Help Trump Win

U.S. intelligence officials briefed senators last week.

Watch This Woman Capture 100 Years of Russian...
It's a stunning 60-second history lesson.
luxe lounge
How a Hero Saved Two Women From Sex Slavery in NYC
When a young woman in Manhattan heard that two Russian college students were headed for potential sex trafficking, she stepped in and c…
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katia verber wealthy russian socialite
The Paris Hilton of Russia
Welcome to the surreal life of a woman who's not feeling the economic woes.
russian love instructors posing in front of students at moscow's geisha school
Russian Gold Digger School
Classes that claim to give women a leg up in snagging a rich man.
The World
Mind Your (Global) Manners
Manners around the world.