9 Experiences Every Women's College Graduate Understands

We are everywhere.

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1. When co-workers/non-college friends first discover The Patriarchy. And racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, xenophobia for that matter. 

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2. When people are like "OMG, have you ever heard of this great author Anne Carson?" 

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3. When someone in the public eye actually sounds articulate on the concept of feminism and gender. 

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4. When people are like, "OMG, did you know women make only 79 cents to the dollar that a man makes (opens in new tab)?" And then learn that Hispanic women earn 54 percent (opens in new tab), black women earn 64 percent, and Native American women earn 65 percent of what a white man makes. 

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5. When a straight-identified woman in your life confesses that she maybe has a thing for a woman and isn't that just crazy?

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6. When you hear a super privileged white woman say, "I just don't think sexism has ever affected me."

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7. When someone doesn't quite understand the term "heteronormativity."

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8. When straight guys lead with their wallets. 

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9. When you hear someone discount Amber Heard's domestic violence allegations (opens in new tab) on the grounds of her being a "gold digger." And domestic violence survivors broadly.

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