Courteney Cox Is Only Getting More Ambitious With Age

"There was a time where I was on 'Friends' where I didn’t have enough confidence to go after things that I could’ve or should’ve," she explains at 'Marie Claire''s Power Play event. That's not the case anymore.

Courteney Cox in front of a step and repeat at Marie Claire's power play event
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Courteney Cox is entering a new decade in June. Don't expect turning 60 to mean the actress and Homecourt founder plans to slow down, however. If anything, the milestone will make her more invested in leveling up.

"As I’m getting older, I do take more chances. I just go for things more. I’m more ambitious," Cox said in a fireside chat with Marie Claire editor-in-chief Nikki Ogunnaike at Monday's Power Play summit in Los Angeles, California.

The risk Cox took as a first-time entrepreneur in 2022 is a perfect example. Onstage, she said she didn't know a luxury home goods brand would be her next step after acting. But the timing (a freed-up schedule due to the Covid-19 lockdowns) and the concept (non-toxic, luxuriously scented home cleaning products pretty enough to display on a counter) aligned so perfectly, she could dive into becoming a business owner at 58.

Cox wasn't always so willing to chase her interests head-on. "I think there was a time where I was on Friends where I didn’t have enough confidence to go after things that I could’ve or should’ve," she reflected. "Maybe I was more being an imposter back then. But now, I don’t feel like I am, because I take more chances and I do more research and I try harder."

Courteney Cox onstage with Nikki Ogunnaike at the Marie Claire Power Play event

Courteney Cox joined Marie Claire editor in chief Nikki Ogunnaike to discuss her brand, Homecourt, and the scope of her ambitions.

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The biggest difference between being the "clean friend" Monica on TV and reaching her full potential as a founder in real life? The amount of effort Cox puts into a project, whether it's developing products for Homecourt or picking up a fresh skill. (Tennis and piano are two of her newer hobbies; she also got very invested in cooking during the pandemic.) "I think things may have come easier [when I was younger]. Now I realize, in order to feel great about myself, you have to put the work in," she explained. "There’s nothing where I don’t give a hundred percent, whereas before I might have skated by."

Courteney Cox onstage at the Power Play summit

Cox told Power Play attendees that her outlook on ambition today differs from her approach while she was a young actress. Now, she gives everything "one hundred percent."

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The leap from Hollywood to founding Homecourt may not be Cox's last big pivot. "I have many things that I want to be better at," Cox said in her closing remarks. "I guess my [definition of] ambition is realizing that you can."

Courteney Cox on the step and repeat at Power Play

Cox said her definition of ambition is evolving as she ages.

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She's proof that's it's never too late to get started, after all. "As I get older, I realize, why not?" she said. "Do all of it, and try really hard."

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