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Jenny Slate Winter 2022 Cover

(Image credit: Ramona Rosales)

Whether they're crafting a cooking tutorial on TikTok, a beautiful piece of clothing out of something once discarded, or a tiny stop-motion mollusk spreading joy, the creators in our Winter 2022 issue, produced in partnership with Adobe, are all making our world just a little bit better. 

Jenny Slate cover story

(Image credit: Ramona Rosales)

The co-creator of the beloved character Marcel the Shell With Shoes On has taken on many new roles of late: mother, wife, rom-com leading lady. 

PLUS: How the cover came together.

creators to watch list

(Image credit: Future)

These artists, activists, founders, and influencers are making their mark in 2022 and beyond.


(Image credit: Deva Pardue)

Art for arts sake is wonderful. Art that tackles society's great issues? Even better. 

sustainable denim

(Image credit: Kanya Iwana)

Cliché but true: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

louisa cannell for marie claire

(Image credit: Louisa Cannell)

Creators hold more power than ever—and companies are taking stock. 

deepika padukone

(Image credit: Vaishnav Praveen / The House Of Pixels)

The Bollywood superstar shares her ethos around beauty and how her upbringing is helping her carve out a unique niche in the wellness industry.

building a brand

(Image credit: Getty)

Content should grab your audience and excite them—here's how to do it.

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