Amy Schumer Parodies '12 Angry Men' for an Entire Episode, Uses It as a Hilarious Feminist Takedown

"Debating the Dildo" is an actual sketch. And it's brilliant.


Amy Schumer is a genius—and she's definitely a risk-taker. (If you think that's too high of praise, you can take a seat.) Her most recent have-us-in-tears-from-laughing feat? The comedian devoted an entire episode of her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer to a parody of the movie 12 Angry Men—except, this time, instead of jurors battling it out to see if a man is guilty of murder or not, they're battling on whether Amy is hot enough for TV.

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The special tackles topics like why women use dildos and why, well, women do anything—all by males. (Because we all know that male judgement/approval is needed for everything that women do.) (That was sarcasm.) (Let's call it "pulling a Schumer.")

Starring Jeff Goldblum, John Hawkes, Paul Giamatti, Vincent Kartheiser, and more, the entire episode is just so damn good. Watch the trailer and a sketch below:

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