Amy Schumer Parodies '12 Angry Men' for an Entire Episode, Uses It as a Hilarious Feminist Takedown

"Debating the Dildo" is an actual sketch. And it's brilliant.

Amy Schumer is a genius—and she's definitely a risk-taker (opens in new tab). (If you think that's too high of praise, you can take a seat.) Her most recent have-us-in-tears-from-laughing feat? The comedian devoted an entire episode of her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer to a parody of the movie 12 Angry Men—except, this time, instead of jurors battling it out to see if a man is guilty of murder or not, they're battling on whether Amy is hot enough for TV.

The special tackles topics like why women use dildos and why, well, women do anything—all by males. (Because we all know that male judgement/approval is needed for everything that women do.) (That was sarcasm.) (Let's call it "pulling a Schumer.")

Starring Jeff Goldblum, John Hawkes, Paul Giamatti, Vincent Kartheiser, and more, the entire episode is just so damn good. Watch the trailer and a sketch below:

Inside Amy Schumer (opens in new tab)

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