Joe Biden the Human Met Joe Biden the Golden Retriever and the Pictures Are Almost Too Good to Be True

*cheeks hurt from smiling*

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This is Joe Biden, the 74-year-old former Vice President of the United States of America:

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This is Joe Biden, the 4-month-old golden retriever puppy:

On Wednesday, Joe Biden the human was at the Capitol in D.C. to celebrate the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

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Joe Biden the dog was also there with his human, Sydney—who did indeed name her pooch after her favorite politician. Sydney and Joe had gotten to the Capitol early in the hopes of meeting his namesake, where they waited patiently for four hours. Luckily, Sydney and Joe's efforts were not in vain, because Biden the human could not resist a cute puppy.

"As soon as he saw the dog during the actual speech, he pointed at the dog, tapped his friend and then started like cracking up. Right towards the end, I, like, kind of signaled him, and he, like, gave me a wink to come over," Sydney told BuzzFeed.

Biden the dog was excited to meet Biden the human, but not nearly as excited as Biden the human was to meet Biden the dog:

According to Sydney, when she told the former VP that the dog was named after him, his "face lit up" and he went right in for a smooch with the pooch.

Have you ever seen anything more glorious? The answer is no, no you haven't.

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