Reactions to the Third Democratic Debate Are Fired Up

"I just burst into tears when Warren started talking if you want to know my current mental state."

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The strict debate requirements for the third Democratic debate, which aired Thursday night, cut the field in half. Without time on the debate stage, and without the polling, funds, and donors to get there, the candidates that weren't on the stage Thursday night are all but out of the race. Now, effectively, we're down to ten Democratic candidates, and all of them took the ABC stage tonight to tell the country about their plans—as was uttered approximately 1,038 times—"when I am president."

The third round of debates—debate, singular, for the first time this election season—was filled with political heavy-hitters; gone were the Marianne Williamsons and John Hickenloopers. It was a fast-paced evening, with moderators Jorge Ramos, Linsey Davis, George Stephanopoulos, and David Muir lobbying tough questions at the remaining candidates. Highlights included: Andrew Yang announcing his...unusual plan to give 10 people $1,000 worth of "freedom dividends" from his campaign funds; Biden suggesting that communities of color should make their children listen to "record players" and holding back from finishing a word that sounded an awful lot like "phonograph,"; Elizabeth Warren calmly holding her own, as usual; and protesters trying to storm the stage.

Twitter had a lot of thoughts about the debate—and here are some of the best takeaways.

There Was Definitely Something Missing

Chrissy Teigen Had Thoughts

Warren Made an Important Point


Bernie Had a Bit of a Cold

This Was...Awkward

Beto Came Out Strong on Gun Control

A...Record Player?

That Said...

A Heartbreaking Moment

Joe Biden Faced Criticism

A Perfect Cartoon

Pete Buttigieg Told a Powerful Story

One Big Difference...

And If Anyone Wondered

Us Too, Cher

I feel you, Cher. I really do.

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