The 50 Biggest, Most Influential, Most Unforgettable Pop Culture Moments of the 2010s

From Lady Gaga's Meat Dress to the College Admissions Scandal, we're revisiting the moments that defined pop culture this decade.

The Top 50 Pop Culture Moments of the Decade
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The 2010s were a decade of massive change. Yes, politically—we started the decade with Barack Obama and the ACA and ended with Donald Trump and impeachment; we saw gay marriage legalized and Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court—but also culturally. Before 2010, there was no Instagram, let alone TikTok. This decade brought us two royal weddings and four little prince/princesses. It saw many endings (The Oprah ShowHarry Potter, Brangelina) but even more beginnings (GirlsFrozen, Fenty Beauty). Kim Kardashian broke the internet and Black Panther broke the box office. And that's just a sampling. Ahead, the top 50 pop culture moments of the decade, according to Marie Claire's editors. We're sure we missed many of your favorites. There were too many controversial, hilarious, viral moments that occurred these past 10 years, and we had to make some brutal cuts. Is it too late now to say sorry? Hope not. Come along with us on a pop culture trip down memory lane.

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