Emily Ratajkowski's Silver Top Is Just Strings Tied Together

A very naked look indeed.

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If you’re well-versed in what a “naked dress” looks like (exhibit A), let Emily Ratajkowski introduce you to the “naked top.” If you can’t picture the design, just scroll through her latest Instagram photos. The star couldn’t resist sharing a few snaps of her artfully constructed Paco Rabanne top.

The designer number came in a shimmery metallic fabric with fringe details on the front, call it a "sequin waterfall," while the back was just two silvery straps holding the whole thing together. It appears Emily was loving her barely-there look as she took several bathroom selfies (iconic).

Though my favorite image has to be this snap, where she showed off her full top, trouser, and heels ensemble, in front of a Rolls-Royce no less. (Okay, the photo is kind of extra, but I still love it.)

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Emily Ratakowski

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