Universal Standard Wants to Treat You and Your BFF to Some Jeans

Matching jeans are the new friendship bracelets.

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If you want to treat your best friend to something special for the holidays—or simply thank him/her/them for always having your back—Universal Standard, one of our go-to denim brands, is here to help. Today, the contemporary label is debuting its "Best Friend Denim" sale in which you and your BFF can buy two pairs of jeans for the price of one. With sizes ranging from 00 to 40, everyone will be able to find a pair of comfortable, stylish jeans they love.

So, how does it work? Simply head over to Universal Standard's "Best Friend Denim" page and enter your email address and your bestie's email (or your mom's, your sister's, the first friend you ever met in pre-school's, etc!). From there, you'll receive a unique code that lets each of you buy a pair of jeans, like Universal Standard's $90 stretchy mid-rise Seine jeans, for the price of one. In other words, you both can receive a new pair for as low as $45.

The sale is only available today, so sign up you and your bestie for this offer ASAP. After all, two pairs are better than one.

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