The Best Plus-Size Swimsuits of Summer 2023

Because once quarantine is over...

young confident woman relaxing in a pool
(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

Swimsuit shopping is fun (said no one ever). Everyone knows how difficult it can be to buy bikinis and one-pieces, even though the options are plentiful, because everyone has specific tastes and needs for what is, essentially, underwear you'll wear in public. For women with curves (in other words, most of us), the journey to finding a cute swimsuit can even be more headache-inducing, because not all brands strive for true inclusivity. That said, there are brands out there, like Saint Somebody and Swimsuits for All, that bring beautiful and well-made plus-size swimsuits to the masses. Whether you're looking for a bikini with support or a one-piece with a plunging back, we rounded up the best styles from brands that make sure all women have access to high-quality swimwear. When you do find the perfect swimsuit from this list, going to the beach—one piña colada, please—or hanging out by the pool (when we can) will be 1,000 times more delightful.

Andrea Zendejas

Andrea Zendejas is the accessories editor for the Hearst Fashion Group, who loves all accessories, but especially jewelry.