Gwen Stefani Shows You How to Master the Art of Print-Mixing in Real Life

Grab a pen—class is in session.

As if being a mentor on the Voice weren't enough, generous person Gwen Stefani has kindly offered to school the Wi-Fi-connected world on how to mix prints without looking messy. Just take a gander at this recent look worn out and about in L.A.:

Here, we present an analysis of Professor G.'s exemplary ensemble, AKA Stefani's Laws of Successful Pattern Clashing. 

1. For every small print, there must be a complementary big print.
Stripes have qualified as a neutral since 2012, but G.S. is so past that. Windowpane-check trousers and a top embroidered with pearls—also known as 3-D polka dots—are her way of playing with scale.

2.  If it's in black and white, it'll work. Guaranteed.
Look closer and you'll see she's actually got three patterns, two types of embellishment, plus a red lip going on. So why is this not the sartorial equivalent of Chernobyl? Because it's all monochromatic. Caution: Trying to replicate this look with colors can cause nausea and vomiting in novices.

3. A body dressed in prints tends to look bigger than a body dressed in solids.
Which is why you should consider starting with clothes cut closer to the body. Gwen's clearly an old pro at this—just look at those pants.

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