Gwen Stefani Says Listening to No Doubt's Music Makes Her "Throw Up in My Mouth"

Oh... Oh, no!

Gwen Stefani During A Press Conference
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Gwen Stefani isn't the biggest fan of No Doubt—not because she doesn't like her own music, but because it's just too close to home.

Asked if the songs she performed with No Doubt still speak to her during a recent appearance on KROQ's Audacy Check In, she said, "I can’t listen to a lot of the songs because they speak so clearly to me. And it’s like, you know, you have regrets, you have mistakes you’ve made. And most of the songs are about that."

"If I do 'Ex-Girlfriend,' even when I say it, I almost throw up in my mouth. Just knowing exactly where I was in that moment to write that song and what I know now? It’s just like, 'Oh, my God.' It just brings you right back."

Stefani is enjoying renewed interest in No Doubt these days, because the band will be reuniting for Coachella in April.

This will be a challenge for the singer, not just because of her emotional ties to the music, but also because she doesn't quite remember it all.

"I don’t remember them, no, not at all," she admitted to Jimmy Kimmel recently. "I don’t! I think I’m going to have to learn probably like, eight or nine [songs]."

Meanwhile, although those of us who were alive in No Doubt's glory days will have the band's many bangers etched in our memory, Stefani's own son Apollo, 9, had to be educated on his mom's pop-punk past.

"So we had to watch the 'Don't Speak' video, and he's like, 'But wait, which one was your boyfriend?'" Stefani told People recently. (The singer dated bandmate Tony Kanal at one point.)

Can't wait for Coachella to put the band back on everyone's radars—including Gen Alpha's!

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