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Big Girl in a Skinny World: Flattering Beachwear

Hello Ladies,

This week I am off to the Dominican Republic for a little R&R. While relaxation is only a day away, packing for beach getaways can be tricky. Let's face it, beach=skimpy clothing, a big problem if you're a curvy girl like me!

The must have items for a sunny vacation are usually the hardest to find for plus-size girls. Shorts, bathing suits, and sundresses are the key items to mix and match from sunrise to sunset. Shorts can be tough, but my go to store is Old Navy. There, I said it. I live for Old Navy. Granted, to find the bigger sizes you have to go online, but I have found online shopping well worth my time. I picked up a trendy pair of Women's Plus Distressed Denim Shorts (very similar to those being sported by just about every celeb) for my upcoming vacation, and they fit perfectly. Another pair that caught my attention was the Women's Plus Railroad-Stripe Denim Shorts, perfect for a more nautical/preppy look.

 Every summer the dreaded task of finding bathing suits sends most plus size girls into a tizzy. I usually have great luck with bathing suits from Old Navy. Both of the ones I am taking on my getaway are from there. My most recent buy: the Ruffled Swimsuit, available in light blue, black, cocoa and polka dot.

Another trendy piece that I picked up on a quick, pre-vaca shopping trip was—brace yourself!—a romper. I know, I know, I used to also maintain that a romper shouldn't be worn by any woman over a size 4. But the Sleeveless Romper at New York and Company made me rethink my assumptions. I am happy to report that the proportions were just right, and so was the price. On sale for $25, I picked up 3. They are extremely versatile and I could imagine wearing them over a bathing suit in the day (perfect for avoiding the chub-rub that usually results when I wear a dress) or, at night, paired with a blazer, heels and a chunky necklace.

So, off to my vacation I go with a trendy wardrobe to boot. All I have left to pack are my magazines, headphones and sunglasses. I'll be back next week!



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