Big Girl in a Skinny World: Bridesmaids

Go behind the scenes of this week's Big Girl in a Skinny World episode with host Marcy Guevara.

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I feel like I have been in weddings since the moment I was born. A flower girl multiple times, a bridesmaid six times, and now a bride-to-be, it seems I can't get away from them! Even MCing weddings is part of what I do for a living, so love is all around! Whether attending a wedding or being an attendant in a wedding, what to wear is often a huge stresser.

This episode is particularly important to me, and an issue I am passionate about because I feel that every group of friends has a bridesmaid that isn't itty bitty like the rest of her crew. Take note and you too will see that there is always an adorably chubby bridesmaid. (If you saw Bridesmaids, you know exactly what I am talking about)!

Now, I am fine having been the token plump bridesmaid over five times, but I am not okay when I attend a wedding and the curvy bridesmaid is in the most unflattering and unfriendly outfit of the bunch. I hate seeing her as the odd woman out, with either a completely different dress, or worse, some awful coverup that isn't doing her any favors. Thanks to places like David's Bridal and designers like Donna Morgan, the curvy bridesmaid can rejoice! There are tons of amazing options for bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes (and I know it isn't just us plus-size girls that have difficulties). Now, we just need our brides to help us out and choose lovely, flattering options designed to highlight our voluptuous bodies and not hide or mask them.

I appreciate brides who take their entire bridal party into consideration before choosing a dress, and intentionally select one that accommodates their group of friends. It's such a special day, and these are the most special people of all the wedding guests. Yet, bridesmaids are often simply regarded as accessories to chairs and linens! Brides: The average bridesmaid spends $2000 on a wedding between bachelorette parties, bridal showers, gifts, trips, her dress, shoes and more, so do your friends a favor and think about more than just your high school dream or how last season's runway models looked in the gowns of your liking. Honor them as they have honored you, and pick something that they really can wear again, or in which they will at least feel beautiful for your magnificent day.

Are you getting married or in a wedding this summer? Tweet me your dilemmas, pics and victories at @themarcyminute, or find me on Facebook!

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