A Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Fit

Three women are challenging cubicle-dwellers everywhere to follow their new weight loss plan.

Women exercising
(Image credit: JGI/Jamie Grill)

Unless your job affords you the opportunity to have a dedicated personal trainer (we're looking at youJennifer Aniston) or flex hours (all you "novelists" and "filmmakers" out there), there's a good chance you haven't seen the inside of a gym in a long time.

That was the case for the lovely ladies at Lemondrop.com, who are — like many of us — "tethered to a desk all day."

But after a few "aha" moments (one of them was asked if she was pregnant!), they've decided to launch a fitness challenge of sorts, called "9 to Fine: The Cubicle Slave's Guide to Fitting in Her Skinny Jeans Before Summer Is Over.

How do they plan to do it? Well, by revealing their body fat percentages, for one. They also enlisted a buff trainer named, of course, Rowdy, and refuse to cut out booze and peanut M&Ms from their diets. Sounds interesting.

Check out their "stats, tips, and goals — one of the editors, Julieanne, laments that she's been on a "horrible spree of hooking up with boys who are thinner than I am" — and join in on the "fun" yourself! Laziness is clearly no excuse at this point.

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