Dancing Into Shape: The Best Dance Classes in America

Weve rounded up some of the best dance classes in America, so whether youre into Bollywood, billboard hits or just plain boogieing, theres bound to be something to catch your eye and get that body rockin.

dance class
(Image credit: Hill Street Studios)

Summer is right around the corner, and with the looming beach season to think about, what better time to find an awesome new workout? Our Health and Beauty Editor Jennifer Goldstein kicked off the season by checking out the new 2Fly class at Crunch gym in New York City. After reading her new feature, "Everybody Dance Now," where she gets a blast from the 90's past in this hip-hop inspired dance class, we couldn't help but want to dance ourselves into shape, too. We've rounded up some of the best dance classes in America, so whether you're into Bollywood, billboard hits or just plain boogie-ing, there's bound to be something to catch your eye and get that body rockin'.

Philadelphia, PA: "Burn It Up" at 12th Street Gym. This group fitness class created by choreographer Stepp Stewart features moves like the "Axl Rose."

Chicago, IL: "Werq" at Cheetah Gyms. Chicago choreographers and trainers Haley Stone and Julie Steffen created this class where you rock out to Top 40.

Atwater Village, CA: "Awesome 80s Dance Party" at Heart Beat House. Have a flashback while you get fit at this choreographed class that torches calories.

Birmingham, AL: "Crunk Fitness" at Jamme's Crunk Fitness Club. It's hip-hop dancing made easy at Jamme Morginn's class, which got its start in Birmingham.

Houston, TX: "Nightclub Cardio" at Fit Atheltic Club. There's a move for everyone (Latin, disco, swing, even Bollywood) at this dance-fitness class.

New York, NY: "Be Ballet Buff" at M Dance and Fitness. Who didn't dream of being a prima ballerina as a kid? Well, you can still get the lean legs and tight toosh of one while improving your balance, stability and posture.

Miami Beach, FL: "Pole Freaks" at SoBe Pole Dance. Feel like learning some sexy moves while burning away those calories? Check out their pole fitness, zumba, booty pop or "art of striptease" classes!

New York, NY: "Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp" at Chelsea Studios. Learn burlesque from the pros: burlesque bombshells Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne have created fun, sexy classes for all levels of fitness and dance experience.

New Orleans, LO: "Rhythm Matic Diva" at BIM Fitness. Learn techniques for balance, creativity, flexibility, endurance and strength while listening to a mix of top 40's and jazzy pop.

Denver, CO: "Beginners or Advanced Hip Hop" at Denver Dance Studio. Take classes with profession dancer Marguerite Endsley, specializing in tap, hip-hop and pole dance. She'll whip you into shape and vamp up those dancing moves.

Nashville, TN: "Spin, Climb and Flow" at Nashville Pole Party. You'll learn just that: spinning, climbing and flowing in this intense and empowering workout.