First Mother's Day Gifts Every New Mom Will Appreciate

There's something for everyone, at every price.

gifts for new moms
(Image credit: Susanna Hayward/Courtesy)

Whether you're a new mom or you're shopping for someone else's first Mother's Day, gifts for new moms can be challenging to select. Time with a newborn is so special, and those sweet (and sleepless) moments are unforgettable. Becoming a new mom is a huge learning curve, so she'll need to try out a lot of different things to see what works for mom and baby. From carriers, journals, sleep sacs, play gyms, personalized board books, and a high chair to a more sustainable diaper option, this list has a bit of everything. And every mom needs to take care of herself, so consider giving a new mom a gift for herself as well. Happy first Mother's Day!

Aya Kanai

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