The 32 Best Mother's Day Gifts of 2023

For every mom, covering every interest.

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Mother's Day falls on May 8 this year, which means it's just around the corner. And while you may have already gotten something for mom this holiday, if you're anything like me, you're also a bit of a last-minute shopper and are scrambling to find the perfect gift for your mom. After all, between a pandemic, an economic crisis, and the pressures of having kids to begin with, she sure does deserve it this year.

Below, check out our favorite Mother's Day gifts, organized by interest. And while you're perusing, keep in mind the other moms in your life: The friends, sisters, cousins, and even female mentors in your life could use a little love this holiday, too.

For the Foodie Mom

One of my favorite activities to do with my mom is cook, and I know my mama is always on the lookout for new foods and fun gadgets she's never tried before. For the foodie mom, check out my favorite picks below.

For the Mindful Mom

The recent popularity of meditation and mindfulness can benefit all of us, but it's especially brilliant for mothers, who do so much physical and emotional labor for us. 

For the Nature-Loving Mom

Whether mom is passionate about animals, gardening, or just her pets, there are a myriad of options out there for the mama who just can't get enough of the the natural world.

For the Decor-Minded Mom

I don't know about you, but my mom takes a ton of pride in the way our house looks. From furniture to art, everything is functional, creative, and intentional, much like the home goods below.

For the Life-Of-The-Party Mom

Moms are so often the backbone of the very best parties, so let's make their lives a little easier by providing the best, most helpful tools possible for making the liveliest libations.

For the Mom in Need of Some Self-Care

Being a mom sounds like an incredibly stressful experience, and the pressures of social media and a global pandemic have only exacerbated that. Help mom get some much-needed rest with these soothing products.

For the Mom Who's Always on the Go

Being a mom is a full-time job, and is often paired with yet another full-time job. For all the breadwinners, soccer moms, single moms, and otherwise busy moms, here are a few products that'll help power the day and hopefully make all that running around a little more seamless.

For the Workaholic Mom

My mom's a teacher, so she spends hours grading papers, creating lesson plans, and researching potential teaching topics. For moms like her, let's look into a few products that make that home office (or corporate office) life easier, more comfortable, and more stylish.

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