How a High-Tech Refrigerator Got Me Excited About Cooking Again

Who knew a kitchen appliance could be so exhilarating?

 LG Smart Mirror InstaView Counter-Depth MAX on white background
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I've been excited about a refrigerator exactly twice. The first time, I was on a rustic vacation in the woods of Deep Creek, Maryland. We'd been advised not to bring perishables because the cabin had nowhere to house them—but when I arrived (with snacks, of course), I was ecstatic to find a large refrigerator standing in the tiny kitchen.

The second time, I was visiting my college friend Stephanie's newly built home. The six-bedroom house had all the trappings of a luxury mansion: a walk-in pantry, heated floors, statement cabinets, and a futuristic-looking appliance. I didn't immediately know what it was; it looked more like a magician's magic box than a cooling apparatus. “Is that...your fridge?” I asked as I walked towards it. I was intrigued by the flat panel design, which looked so chic.

“Of course it is, silly! Watch this!” Stephanie knocked on the front right panel twice, and the inside lit up immediately. I'd later learn that this was the Smart Mirror InstaView, a feature that LG refrigerators are known for. With one knock, you can view the contents of your fridge without opening it, saving energy and time.

This clearly wasn’t a run-of-the-mill appliance, and I was dying to learn more. Over the next couple of days, every encounter I had with the fridge was more exciting than the last. Stephanie told me about the ice makers in the freezer—one produces mini cubed ice, and the other creates LG's trademarked slow-melting, round Craft Ice. Both were efficient, but I treasured the perfectly cubed mini ice that came in handy when cooling oatmeal and soup for my kids. One evening, when other couples joined us for a gathering, Stephanie turned on Ice Plus. It kicked ice production into high gear by lowering freezer temperatures to the coldest setting for 24 hours. Color me impressed.

Then there was the smudge-resistant finish. My four-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son are constantly touching things. At home, our existing refrigerator was loaded with tiny fingerprints—but Stephanie's wasn't. After a weekend of fun, there wasn't a single smudge in sight.

These features were astonishing, especially for a Millennial like me who hadn’t upgraded their refrigerator in a decade. But the feature that made me a convert was discovered during a late-night trip to grab a midnight snack. As I entered the kitchen, the built-in sensors lit up the LED lights on the handle, so I didn’t have to fumble to find a light. It was as if it knew I was coming. It understood what I needed, and it delivered. I had officially entered refrigerator heaven. I had to get my own.

Over the next few months, I researched the LG refrigerator extensively, questioning how the giant tinted window would last with my unruly children “playing” with it. I had questions about how it organized food and crispers—and, perhaps most importantly, I wanted to know about the warranty. The customer service representative assured me that the fridge had everything I needed and more. If I didn't like it, I could return it, plus the warranty on the linear compressor (the main gas compressor that allows the refrigerator to cool) was six to 10 years.

inside view of Smart Mirror InstaView Counter-Depth MAX Refrigerator

Not only does the LG fridge elevate my kitchen, it doubles as a mirror.

(Image credit: Deena Campbell)

So I took the plunge and bought it. Almost immediately, I started thinking more about cooking. I began looking for new foods and recipes to fill my fridge. (Who was I? The fridge had made me a new person!) I found even more features I loved, like the sleek, counter-depth design that blended seamlessly with my cabinets and counters. It seemed made for my home. Not to mention, the three-tier organization freezer was perfect for stacking ice cream, frozen meats, and even the ice packs the kids use for school lunch.

I don't know that I’ll be ever genuinely excited about a refrigerator again. It’s hard to imagine being more impressed by another kitchen appliance. Ironically, my other bestie is building a custom home this fall, and she plans to take a look at LG gadgets. In other words, my snacks and newfound homemade food will have another gorgeous place to call home.

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