Lost Without Lost

So three weeks ago on Saturday I sleepily shuffled into my living room with only two things in mind: 1: Waffles. And 2: The perfect accompaniment to said waffles, my preciously recorded episode of Lost. Fifteen minutes later and waffles in hand, I settled down in front of the TV and hit the almighty Power button. What's this? A blue screen? Panicked, I scrolled through the DVR list, only to find that my trusty recorder hadn't been online since Wednesday. Lost is Thursday, and I was Sawyer-less and out of luck. After rebooting, I lamented the loss of my perfect morning, and realized that I'm now three episodes behind and building (I'll have to catch up online). So my favorite hour of television is slowly turning into a chore. Oh, and did I mention my iPod died this week too?!? What's a girl to do?

What about you, Daily Dishers? When's the last time the tech world let you down?

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