Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Twitter Accounts

That was fast.

(Image credit: YouTube)

A Twitter account affiliated with Anonymous claims the hacker collective has successfully downed over 5,500 accounts tied to ISIS. The group declared all-out cyberwar (opens in new tab) on the so-called Islamic State after the organization claimed responsibility for Friday's deadly terror attacks in Paris (opens in new tab), a slew of assaults that left over 129 people dead.

According to The Hill (opens in new tab)#OpParis (opens in new tab), the handle claiming to speak for those organizing the digital onslaught, tweeted (opens in new tab), "We report that more than 5500 Twitter account of #ISIS are now #down! #OpParis #Anonymous#ExpectUs." Later, a tweet linked to a list of "alleged ISIS-affiliated websites, dark Web pages, Twitter accounts, Tumblr accounts, Facebook pages and Web servers" that may or may not have been taken down as well.

Subsequent tweets seem to indicate that the group's servers have come under attack. "UPDATE: anonops servers are under attack," read one (opens in new tab), while another seemed to confirm (opens in new tab) it without indicating whether ISIS was responsible. That message was characteristically defiant—and vulgar:

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