Sex Sells

We asked unofficial rom-com king Jason Biggs, hot off My Best Friend's Girl, for a real-life mishap worthy of one of his screwball scripts: "It was a perfectly reasonable request: 'Will you come with me to pick out something to wear for our wedding night?' How could I turn down my wife-to-be? A private showing of lingerie given to me by the sexiest woman in the world? I'm in. Having picked out a few choice numbers (God, I love see-through!), a 'friend' of mine rose to the occasion--before we made it into the fitting room. I tried the old hand-in-the-pocket-press-down trick, but to no avail. It was obvious, I thought, to every teddy-seeking woman in the store. I needed to extricate myself. Luckily, a 10-minute browse of Louis Vuitton handbags was enough to subdue my hormonal impulses. No offense, LV--your new line is very sexy."

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