One Million Lights, One Child at a Time

If you're not convinced that one person can make a big difference in the world, then you don't know about Anna Sidana. The eBay employee has changed the lives of 15,000 children in rural India and Africa — and she's just getting started.

After seeing the poor conditions that exist in rural households without electricity during a trip back to her hometown of New Delhi, India, Anna started a nonprofit organization called One Million Lights. And thanks to Anna's employer, eBay, they are 15,000 steps closer to their goal of bringing 1 million solar-powered LED lights to families living without electricity. To help support Anna and her goal, eBay purchased 15,000 MightyLight solar lights, one for each employee, to distribute to the homes of children living with unpredictable or nonexistent electricity.

There's only so much one person can do — but you can help Anna with her goal. There are 1.6-billion people in the world who live without electricity and depend on dangerous alternate light sources, such as kerosene lamps. Take action today to bring that number down by donating a light at To read more about the trip that inspired Anna, click here.

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