The Organizations In Beirut That Need Your Help

More than 130 people have been killed and nearly 300,000 more displaced from their homes.

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On Tuesday, a deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon left more than 130 people dead and injured more than 5,000 people. The origin of the blast has yet to be identified by Beirut's governor, Marwan Abboud. Still, officials say the source could be the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, an explosive material, that was held at the Port of Beirut for the past six years.

"You would never think it was an explosion," a taxi driver told The New York Times of the incident. "More like missiles coming down on us."

The disaster comes at an already difficult time for the country. Lebanon is already heading towards financial collapse amid the coronavirus pandemic that has left many without jobs, little to no savings, and struggling to stay afloat. According to AP, the losses from the blast are estimated to be between $10 to $15 billion, and nearly 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes. If you have the means to be able to contribute, consider donating to these organizations.

The Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross is the main provider of free ambulance services in Lebanon. Its volunteers respond to more than 140,000 emergencies and patient transports a year.

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Lebanon Needs

Lebanon Needs helps create and cover the cost of healthcare for many impoverished and underserved citizens. They currently help over 150 patients with the cost of their medicine.

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Beautiful People Lebanon

Beautiful People Lebanon makes over 100 meals per day for local families in need in Lebanon.

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LIFE’s Emergency Relief Fund

The LIFE'S Emergency Relief Fund helps families living under the poverty line survive by donating and helping other local non-profit organizations thrive.

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Impact Lebanon

Impact Lebanon is a nonprofit that has launched a disaster relief fund that will go toward organizations in need of financial assistance.

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Save the Children

A global organization that strives to ensure the safety and health of children everywhere, and is providing essential supplies to children and families in Beirut in need.

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Offre Joie

Offre Joie will clean and rehabilitate houses that have been affected by the blast while also providing shelter to those who have loss their homes.

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Lebanese Food Bank

This charity organization fights hunger and helps provide food to those in need.

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