This Ice Bucket Challenge Will Change The Way You View The Internet Phenomenon

You need to see this.
ice bucket challenge

We know, we know—you've seen so many Ice Bucket Challenges in the past few weeks. But this one means a lot more than just another funny video of your high school friend getting plummeted with ice water. Anthony Carbajal is living with ALS, and his mother and grandmother have the disease as well. After a hilarious take on the Ice Bucket Challenge (that involves a bikini top and a car wash), Carbajal breaks down and shares his experiences with the devastating disease. He also stresses the huge impact that the challenge has had on both raising awareness and donations—the ALS Association has reported over $30 million in donations since the challenge began.

There's only so much emotion that can be put into words—watch the video above to discover just how much the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge really matters.


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