President Obama Launches "It's On Us" To End Sexual Assault On Campus

You won't hear any arguments about a woman's hemline or intoxication level coming out of this movement.

Starting your freshman year of college, your mind is plagued with concerns about finally living on your own. But for a woman, it's not just about questionable dining hall food or making friends. Apprehension also springs from knowing that one in five women will be sexually assaulted throughout her pursuit of higher education. To combat this epidemic, the Obama administration announced earlier this year that they were taking a stand against sexual violence on campus. To do so, the White House established a task force, consulted experts on the subject, and drafted a still-growing list of what is now over 70 schools that are under investigation for their handling of reports of sexual assault or rape from students.

Starting today, the fight is gaining even more momentum through the launch of "It's On Us," a campaign dedicated to curbing these kind of attacks at universities across the country. And in keeping with the program's mantra, its goal will be to target the problem at its source by promoting prevention among college-aged males. "Most men in fact are not comfortable with violence against women, but they don't speak out because they believe that other men accept this behavior," Senior officials from the Obama administration said. "By getting men involved we think we can interrupt that way of thinking."

The good news is that several schools are standing behind this crusade: Over 200 have already agreed to partake in it. Universities aren't the only big name institutions partnering with "It's On Us." Athletic organizations such as the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference as well as media companies like Viacom have signed on to spread the campaign's message. With influential supporters like these, not to mention having the Commander in Chief championing the cause, we have more reason than ever to hope that the number of females affected will shrink.


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