In Which Chelsea Clinton Says She Wants a "Public Life" — Meaning Politics?

Oh, to be Chelsea Clinton: daughter of The World's Most Famous Power Couple, Bill and Hillary, former First Daughter, Stanford graduate, gorgeous bride, doctoral degree candidate, leading advocate of the Clinton Foundation — the résumé goes on. We've all had our suspicions regarding Chelsea's seemingly inevitable career in politics, and she made that all the more clear in an interview with CNN yesterday while in was Africa with her father and the Foundation. But of course, she pulled a Hillary circa her Twitter bio and kept her intentions impressively vague.

"I'm also grateful to live in a city and a state and country where really I believe in my elected officials," Chelsea, 33, said. "I really felt like I could make a difference and then I should make a difference. And I had very much led a deliberately private life for a long time, and now I'm attempting to lead a purposely public life."

Let's be real, Chelsea — that's code for Running for office is in my 10-year plan. Making the conscious transition into the media spotlight is one small step for Chelsea, the once shielded First Daughter, but a giant leap for Chelsea, a probable and eventual Democratic candidate.

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