The 10 Most Heartwarming Photos from Election Day

Today is a *truly* historic day.

Whether you support her or not, casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton is a *huge* deal to women (and men, we see you too!) all over the United States. Election night can be stressful, but here are 10 photos that'll remind you just how significant this moment really is.

This little girl going to bed on the eve of Election Day holding a "Hillary Clinton" action figure.

People patiently waiting in the insanely long poll lines.


Matched only by the lines to Susan B. Anthony's Grave...

...which was covered in "I Voted" stickers.

This 106-year-old woman—who was born before women had the right to vote—crying as she stands in line to cast her ballot.

The women (and men) who wore pantsuits and all white to show they support Hillary.


And those who wore jewelry passed down from their mother and grandmothers, who never lived to see a female president.

And the ones who brought their daughters to the polling stations.


This 94-year-old woman who voted for Hillary as she lay in her hospice bed, and died 3 hours later.


And the cats who are ready for the patriarchy to end.

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