Priyanka Chopra Reportedly Once Snubbed Prince William and Kate at Wimbledon

Tennis and drama go great together.

Priyanka Chopra
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Wimbledon seems like the most hoity toity of the four Grand Slam tennis competitions. There’s grass, there’s all-white clothing, there’s an actual Royal Box where actual royals sit. Like, no offense to the French Open but Roland Garros could never. So it makes sense that where there is fanciness there is also drama (ever heard of Bridgerton?) and this particular tea involves Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s reception of Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton at last year’s competition. 

As you may or may not, Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra became besties around 2016, when they met at a magazine party. As you almost certainly do know, Meghan would marry Prince Harry two years after that. Priyanka even attended their royal wedding, and that friendship is where the heart of this gossip lies. 

Per Express UK, Priyanka was in attendance at last year’s Wimbledon and, like this year’s, she was sitting just two rows behind William and Kate’s seats in the Royal Box. When the royals entered the stadium, some savvy onlookers apparently noticed that Priyanka didn’t applaud along with the rest of the stadium, and didn’t even look at the couple when an announcer told the stadium of their presence, instead adjusting her scarf. 

And that, according to some onlookers, meant definitively that Priyanka had taken Meghan’s side in the family feud between the two princes and their wives. Um, sure. 

priyanka chopra

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There are two ways to look at this: One, Priyanka was quietly supporting her friend Meghan, just a few months after some pretty ugly revelations about her treatment by the royals came out during her and Harry's Oprah interview. And hey, if merely not clapping for the people sitting in front of you is the most you’re going to do to show your loyalties lie elsewhere, it's pretty innocuous.

The second (and far more likely) thing that happened is that Priyanka was merely photographed in a few instances, between claps or while adjusting her scarf, and some spectators were so ready to interpret that as somehow Meghan’s fault that new drama was born.

The point is, it’s just not that serious. And anyway, at this year’s match, Priyanka and Kate both looked in perfectly high spirits while sitting just two rows apart.

So either the hatchet has been buried...or there was never any hatchet at all.

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