Best and Worst Places To Hit On Girls

I've always admired those guys who hit on girls anywhere. But, I've got a specific list of rules I will not break. There are just some places I won't hit on a girl...

I've always admired those guys who hit on girls anywhere. But, I've got a specific list of rules I will not break. There are just some places I won't hit on a girl.

This is a bit crippling though. Should I be hitting on girls everywhere I go? If I see an attractive girl, perhaps I should seize the opportunity.

Here's a list of bad places to hit on girls:

The Gym

I think we are all at the gym for similar reasons: to improve ourselves, to stay in shape, etc. I get so unhappy when I see super buff cheeseball hitting on some poor girl who is obviously trying to get her workout in. I hate every minute I spend in the gym. I want to get in, do whatever, and get out. The last thing I'd want to do is prolong some girl's gym experience with my crap. It's the most awkward when a girl is blatantly on something like a stair-climber and some guy is leaning against it trying to get digits.

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Victoria's Secret

Shopping to a girl is kind of like sports to a guy. We don't want each other there when we are parting in them. Seems like Victoria's Secret is amazing place for a guy to go to, but boy did I feel uncomfortable when my friend from work dragged me there. The giant posters out front of the incredibly beautiful models welcomed me at first. But when I got in it turned out there was nothing for me to do at all. I couldn't take a closer look at the merchandise-that would just make me look like a freak (I'd be like the stalkers in Lifetime movies who smell the underwear of their victims). I got a lot of quizzical looks from the girls in there. I think girls think bad things about guys who go with their girlfriends to buy underwear...even though I wasn't her boyfriend, but that might just make me even weirder for going in.

Planes, trains, and automobiles

I'm a terrible flyer. But I forget my fear when a hot girl sits next to me - never happens. I always seem to be one row off. I can tell that any hot girl who gets on the plane or train near me is already nervous that she'll get harrassed by some guy hoping to sit next to the her. I've fallen in and out of love with lots of girls on the subway in the morning-but everyone is so angry on the subway at that point, so there's no approaching. And, with my luck, if I do have a successful intro she'll have to get off at the next stop! And, every girl I've ever known goes into serious depression after hour two of a long car ride.

Now, here are some good places/events to hit on girls:


There are numerous targets here. First, you have girls at your dinner table. Obviously, you need to look for the single ones at the table. Once that first slow song comes on, I'll look around for a single girl who is also feeling awkward. If I can't find anyone, I hide at the bar and down as many drinks as I can. Now, if the wedding is catered, you have a whole group of disgruntled girls who are working and feeling slighted by the wedding guests. They are very responsive to a wedding guest who breaks down that social barrier. And, of course, there's the bridal party-who parade themselves down the aisle during the ceremony so that I can figure out who I think is hot and make a plan for later.

Bitter Valentine's Day Outtings

Those big groups of annoyed bitter single girls who go out together on Valentine's Day are gold mines. They start off angry, but as they get drunker they start wanting to meet a guy and leave the group. It's easy to bond with these girls over something as simple as: "Yeah, I think Valentine's Day is annoying".

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Bachelorette Parties

This is a no-brainer. When I see a group of girls with their veiled friend carrying around penis thermoses, I know I'm in business. These girls are half annoyed that their friend is getting married/half fired up and in party mode. Bacholerette parties are the perfect storm: penis thermos + lots of alcohol + party mood + veiled friend means I can make a move.

What's the best and worst place you've ever been hit on? Do you agree with my places being bad or good?