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The 10 Best Suitcases for the Upcoming Travel Season, According to the Internet

They see me rollin'.


You've seen the pics of celebrities struggling with trunks and such at the airport, and maybe just in that instance, you went "Wow, I really *don't* want to be just like them." Us either, so we've rounded up the sturdiest, wield-iest, not-bad-looking-est suitcases available on the 'net.


Fits way more stuff than you'd think into two neatly zippered halves, charges your phone, and is so indestructible the Hulk could have a go at it and lose. (Pssst...they now have a collab with Pop + Suki. Meaning pink suitcases, so 😍.)  

$225, awaytravel.com.

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T. Anthony

Aesthetically pleasing and doesn't look like every other banged-up bag (not) coming down the carousel. There's also a warranty, so if the handlers are too rough with it, the company will repair it for free. Sweet. 

$695, barneys.com.

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They've been in business for more than a century, so what more do you need to know? But just in case, their Juno model has a rep for being ultra light and roomy. 

$177, luggagedirect.com.

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You know when, in Up in the Air, George Clooney's like "You gotta get a better case?" to Anna Kendrick? This is the one, with easy-access laptop compartment for cynics who've got more frequent-flier miles than they know what to do with. 

$275, amazon.com.

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Steamline Luggage

She's a beaut, ain't she? But make sure to lock her up tight, lest she disappear into the that great warehouse in the sky forever. 

$789, steamlineluggage.com.

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Two main selling points: You could chuck it across the room, and it wouldn't shatter. And it's expandable, so you can pick up bric-a-brac to your heart's content.

$90, amazon.com.

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One of those belongings that automatically identify you as Somebody, these top-of-the-line cases are still made on the same machinery they used in Victorian times. 

$2,155, net-a-porter.com.

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Reimagine that shirt-throwing scene from the Great Gatsby but "such pretty colors" instead. Not that Daisy would hurl carry-ons, but whatever. 

$295, raden.com.

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Fashion people swear by this guy for his toughness and steer-ability (no more toppling), plus the corrugated aluminum is super chic. 

$1,440, mrporter.com.

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A cleverly designed interior (laundry bag, clips for a garment bag) makes the need for panicked shower-steaming/even more panicked calling your mom to ask her how to operate an iron obsolete.  

$477, nordstrom.com.

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