The 15 Best Laptop Bags for Women, According to Editors and Experts

They'll carry everything you need, and look good doing it.

some of the best laptop bags, including Longchamp; Madewell; Freja; Cuyana
(Image credit: Future; Longchamp; Madewell; Freja; Cuyana)

If you're anything like me, you've long been on the hunt for a bag that carries your laptop but doesn't, well, look like a laptop bag. Chances are, you've already checked out the best laptop backpacks on the market and decided that you want to opt for a laptop-friendly tote instead. Or maybe your canvas bag simply isn't cutting it anymore. Whatever the reason, the editors at Marie Claire have rounded up the best laptop bags for women, and our picks are hard to beat. We spoke to designers and women on the go—from content creators to entrepreneurs to writers—to find the very best laptop bags to shop now (and carry forever). 

To figure out what makes a great laptop bag the best laptop bag, I spoke to two women who design work bags for a living: Shilpa Shah, the co-founder of Cuyana, and Jenny Lei, the founder of Freja New York. Both women cited versatility and ease of use at the top of their list. "A good laptop bag should carry you seamlessly from your office desk to a dinner reservation," Shah told me. 

Another top priority? A laptop bag’s ability to seamlessly take its wearer from day to night. “I live in NYC, so when I leave in the morning I’m often not returning home until 9 or 10 p.m.! My bag needs to work overtime too,” said Lei. “That means being professional enough for work, roomy enough for my gym attire, and appropriate to bring to a nice dinner. I don’t want to feel the need to hide it or stuff it under my chair!”

What to Look For In a Laptop Bag

It's all about structure, according to Lei. "Laptops can be quite heavy, and I need a bag that can stand on its own. I love a good slouchy tote as much as the next person, but it’s not what I want when carrying a laptop,” Lei says. “I need to be able to set my bag down without worrying that it will topple over. Structure also provides extra protection for your laptop.” 

How We Chose the Best Laptop Bags

There are plenty of laptop bags available to choose from, and it’s my job as Marie Claire’s E-Commerce Editor to discern which ones are worth the splurge. A few key factors that all of the options on this list share:

  • Internal pockets: Odds are, you don’t want to rifle through your entire bag to find your laptop charger when your computer is about to die. That’s why the bags on this list all feature some type of internal pocket. In some cases, that means that you’ll find a laptop-sized sleeve on the inside; in others, you’ll find a mini pocket for your wallet or keys. Plus, many of them have a secure fastening at the top, be it a zipper, a magnet, or a button flap. 
  • Versatile: Laptop bags have to strike the balance between being functional and looking cool enough to work with every stage of your day. The laptop bags on this list all come in neutral colors and have a sleek profile, so they won’t stick out from the rest of your outfit. 
  • Comfort: If you’ve ever carried a shoulder bag and felt it physically ache, you know the importance of finding a well-constructed and comfortable option. Some of the laptop bags on this list have specifically designed padded straps, but they’re all made with thick, durable ones that won’t break or dig into your shoulder or arm. They're also lightweight by design, so you won’t have to worry about adding your heavy laptop into an already-heavy bag. 
  • High-quality materials: We want you to love the bag you choose, and to love it for a long time. The options below are made from durable, high-quality materials like nylon and leather so that they'll last years in your collection.

Deals on Laptop Bags

Lubardy 15.6 inch Laptop Tote Bag, $36

Lubardy 15.6 inch Laptop Tote Bag, $36 $30 at Amazon

"This tote is my holy grail work bag," says Editorial Fellow Brooke Knappenberger. The under-$50 bag is on sale currently for $30. 

The Best Laptop Bags

Best Laptop Bag Brands

Shopping for a laptop bag isn’t like shopping for any other tote bag in your collection. As with everything else in your wardrobe, there are a few brands that do the best job at making laptop bags. 

  • Cuyana: It’s safe to say that team Marie Claire is obsessed with laptop bags from Cuyana. Not only are they featured twice on this list, but the entirety of their collection is great for women who love sleek, pared-down, and sustainable options. 
  • Kate Spade New York: An iconic brand in the world of timeless bags, Kate Spade makes impeccably designed and thoughtfully-constructed laptop bags for the modern woman. The Kate Spade New York option on this list (spoiler alert!) features not one but two interior compartments, comes in two neutral colors, and is literally named the “Commuter” bag. 
  • Coach: Coach, the brand behind the viral range of Tabby shoulder bags, also knows how to make a great laptop bag. The top-rated Willow bag (which is included on this list) is created to keep and store all of your essentials in place as you move throughout your day.
  • Louis Vuitton: If you’re looking to invest in a new designer laptop bag, consider one from Louis Vuitton. From the iconic Neverfull to more subdued styles, Louis Vuitton is a classic favorite. The one on this list is adored by our Beauty Editor Samantha Holender, who calls it "the best investment I've ever made." 

Details in Laptop Bags to Look For

“Thoughtful interior pockets are also important,” says Lei. “If you’re anything like me, I always wear my bag on the same shoulder (probably really bad) and have dedicated pockets for all of my items. It makes finding things on the go so easy, almost second nature. It’s basically muscle memory at this point!”

Advice For First-Time Buyers

“You can’t go wrong with something understated and timeless in a neutral color, made with quality materials,” says Lei. “Bonus if the materials are also low-maintenance (not too delicate, easy to clean, and scratch resistant).” 

Meet the Experts

Jenny Lei
Jenny Lei

Jenny Lei is the founder and designer of Freja New York. After taking a detour from her original plans to pursue UX design, she decided to take a chance on herself and launch Freja to create functional foundation pieces for people to support their big life moments—something made ethically and responsibly with a story behind it. Functional, but still elegant. Jenny holds a Bachelors and Masters from Cornell University and currently resides in New York City where she has personally shipped every Freja package to date, adding a personal touch to every order.

Shilpa Shah
Shilpa Shah

Shilpa was drawn to Cuyana for the opportunity to enhance women’s lives by creating high quality products that were produced responsibly, priced accessibly, and that carried a story and a soul that could be delivered through human connection. 

Beginning her career in Interaction Design, Shilpa has over 20 years of designing customer experiences, designing web and mobile interfaces for Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and AT&T. Before starting Cuyana, Shilpa added business expertise  to her design and technical background by completing her MBA at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Today Shilpa leads the company as its CXO, the Chief Experience Officer, crafting a branded omni-channel journey across digital and physical touchpoints.

Julia Marzovilla
E-Commerce Editor

Julia Marzovilla is the E-Commerce Editor at Marie Claire, where she covers everything from the latest beauty and fashion launches and sales to celebrity outfits and news. She also creates shopping guides that span every vertical on the site. Prior to joining the Marie Claire team, she contributed similar shopping stories to sites such as Bustle, InStyle, The Zoe Report, Who What Wear, and STYLECASTER. In her spare time, Julia can be found creating shopping guides for all of her friends, spending too much money on yet another pair of black boots, and cooking in her far-too-small kitchen.