15 Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Travel Bag

All TSA-approved.

Whether you're heading out for a long weekend or a couple of weeks away, there's no need to say bon voyage to looking your best. Travel light and still feel like you have all your makeup and hair needs on hand with this jet-setter's checklist of what to stow when you're on the go.

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Give your everyday toothbrush its own vacation and instead pack this electronic one from Foreo. It's compact, cleans better than your standard toothbrush, and is sold in a range of vibrant colors.

Foreo ISSA Mini Electric Sonic Toothbrush, $119; amazon.com.

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Dry Shampoo

Because let's be honest, we're not washing our hair every day on vacation. This Klorane dry shampoo won't leave white powdery residue on your roots and works like gangbusters on yesterday's grease.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, $10; kloraneusa.com.

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This razor comes with all the goodies you need for a smooth shave, but is tiny enough to tote around in a makeup bag. At journey's end, toss it out. The extra room in your bag may not make that much of a difference, but sometimes every bit counts.

Gillette Venus Snap Women's Razor, $6; amazon.com.

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Face Mask

A face mask is one of those non-essential essentials that will really make you feel instantly better when you've been wondering around a foreign location all day. Plus, if you don't have room to pack your go-to night cream, this one will help you wake up with refreshed, dewy skin.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Moisture Overnight Mask, $17; sephora.com.

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Face Cleanser

Don't leave your skin-care routine back home. Keep on top of it by bringing along your daily cleanser AND oil. Caudalie's two-in-one formula gently removes makeup, tones, and moisturizes the skin, and comes in a convenient TSA-friendly size.

Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil, $28; sephora.com.

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"Courtesy of Sephora"
BB Cream

Sure, you could cram five items into your cosmetics pouch. Or you could add just one. Most bb creams act as skin perfectors, primers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and foundations, making them multitasking makeup superstars that should definitely get a first-class ticket on any trip.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35, $39; sephora.com

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A hard-working concealer is an absolute must have for any red-eye trip where you're not expecting to get much sleep. Pack a high-coverage concealer like this slim tubed NARS one.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $12; sephora.com.

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"Courtesy of Sephora"
Makeup Brushes

Almost as thin as your passport, this portfolio of five Lilliputian makeup brushes is specifically designed to go places. We even tuck in a few Band-Aids, Q-tips, and packets of Advil so it can double as a first-aid kit.

Sephora Collection Face & Eye Travel Tool Kit, $32; amazon.com.

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Nail Polish

Keep your tips in top shape, especially on longer trips, by packing a favorite polish. We plan on selecting ours from this Formula X: The System Set, which is stocked with four customizable colors that are truly foolproof when you're painting on-the-go.

Formula X : The System Nail Set, $32; sephora.com.

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Nail Polish Remover

No matter how tightly you secure the cap on your nail polish remover, some always seems to end up spilling out and creating a mess in transit. Avoid the risk—and the fumes—and slide these individually wrapped wipes, which get the job done, in with your necessities instead.

Ulta Regular Nail Polish Remover Pads, $4; ulta.com.

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Those gorgeous fragrance bottles on your vanity are great, but when you want a scent to go, pick up one in a travel-sized package. These slender vials easily slip into your bag and will never seep or spill, which means you can smell as lovely in your own zip code as you do in areas yet to be explored.

Clean Reserve Travel Spray Layering Trio, $50; sephora.com.

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Escaping to balmy Thailand or chilly Iceland? Either way, be prepared to stay your freshest. We like this Milk Makeup natural deodorant that's roll-on and fits into even the smallest of spaces. Good things do indeed come in small packages.

Milk Makeup Natural Deodorant, $14; milkmakeup.com.

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It's a given, but that doesn't mean you should take pause before adding your favorite mascara into the mix. We often switch from an everyday formula to a waterproof one when we hit the road. That way we're covered, should we find ourselves stuck in a rainstorm while walking along the Avenue Montaigne or the Wall of China. In a pinch, we also have used mascara as liquid eyeliner.

Lancôme Grandiose Waterproof Mascara, $32; sephora.com.

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Lip Balm

Keep your pout nourished and soft with a moisture-boosting lip balm.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm, $26; sephora.com.

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Travel Manicure Kit

Don't be distracted by that chipped nail or stray brow hair when you should be focusing on having fun. This itty-bitty five-in-one grooming kit lets you take care of business and move on to more important things. We even add a needle and bit of thread to the kit for emergency sewing repairs.

Danielle Creations Rose Gold Manicure Set, $20; dermstore.com.

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