If You Hate Eyelash Curlers, This Is the Tool for You


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A beauty editor afraid of eyelash curlers? I know—I'm quite the rare breed. But I don't go near them. Occasionally I'll let a makeup artist use a curler on me, but even then I need a few minutes to mentally prepare myself. During the act—jaw clenched and heart racing—I'm mostly worried that said artist is one sudden move away from tugging out a clump of precious lashes.

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But there's no denying that the silver jaws of death, as I like to call them, deliver. Therefore, I'm really trying to conquer this irrational fear of mine. One thing that's helped me leaps and bounds is Lash Star Beauty's tweezer-like Individual Lash Curler. Yes, you read that right, individual lash curler. And because you're wondering, yes it is as convoluted as it sounds.

As opposed to clamping and curling in one fell squeeze, you're curling individual sections at a time and probably going to spend way more time doing so. But on the paranoia front, it's *way* less scary. You have so much less to lose with each clamp, as opposed to the all-or-nothing nature of a standard curler. All you have to do is lift your chin, situate the small pink padding around the roots of the lashes you're concentrating on, and gently squeeze. Then as-many-sections-as-it-takes later, voilà! Your super-curled lashes are making you look 99 percent more alive.

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But to be honest, an entire set of curled lashes is never what I'm actually going for. I like to concentrate on my harder-to-reach outer lashes to fan 'em out for a cat-eye effect. So not only is it less intimidating, but it allows me to achieve a more bespoke lash look sans jaws. Plus, because of its small size, it also works wonders on bottom lashes. And IMHO, lower lash lines are the new upper lash lines.

So whether you've got the same phobia as me, or just love tending to your lashes like they're as intricate as the Sistine Chapel, these will not steer you wrong.

Lash Star Beauty Individual Lash Curler, $24; lashstarbeauty.com.

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