The 16 Best Eyebrow Gels for Bold and Beautiful Brows

Swipe up—literally.

The 16 Best Eyebrow Gels for Bold and Beautiful Brows
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Many kids are born with delicate, wispy eyebrows, but I was born with a unibrow that only got bushier as I got older, requiring constant threading appointments to keep them from looking like the start of a teen dram-edy werewolf transformation. (One brow salon even stopped charging me because it "felt like robbery.") But thanks to the recent beauty trend of strong, full eyebrows, my once-alienating "curse" is now my favorite part of my face. That said, my brows are still needy creatures that require daily taming and sculpting, which is where brow gels come in.

Unlike pencils and powders, which amp up sparse, tiny brows, eyebrow gels enhance your current situation without adding too much bulk or drama. For a wet hot American summer, clear brow gels are indispensable, as they can create some structure on an otherwise bare, laid-back face. And if you color your hair on the regular, brow gels can provide a quick fix if your arches don't exactly match your new hue. Gels are a bushy brow must-have for keeping those hairs in place—but of course, not all gels are created equal, and some formulas just straight-up suck. So to cut through the noise, we've rounded up the most popular gels on the market for the ultimate brow-gel showdown. Whether you're looking to create a feathered soap-brow or going for a bold and bushy Charlie Howard-inspired brow, ahead, you'll find the perfect brow gel formulas to tackle all of your power brow needs.

Chelsea Hall

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