Why You Need to Get Assertive to Change the Game

And how three female bosses—Anne Wojcicki, Bozoma Saint John, and Aileen Lee—are lifting women up.

I Found Sisterhood in an Industry With Few Women

Being a black female programmer can be lonely.

Meet Marie Claire's 2017 New Guard

Our fifth-annual list of female visionaries.

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I thought getting a novel published would make me elated. Instead, i…
Meet Airbnb's Belinda Johnson
The company's highest-ranking woman is the quiet force shaping its p…
The Money Shrink Is Back to Answer Your Most Pressing Financial Questions

Including whether you should take a job just for a higher paycheck.

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Target Is Hiring 100,000 Holiday Workers

The job comes with some sweet discounts.

Meet Gwynne Shotwell, the Woman Who Could Take Us to Mars

The SpaceX president sees no extraterrestrial challenge too big to tackle.

Should I Hide My Office Romance?

Career coach Liz Bentley talks dating in the workplace.

Apple Is Hiring 50+ Work from Home Positions Right Now

The job comes with amazing discounts, too.

Meet Meteorologist Kait Parker: The Woman Debunking Fake News Surrounding Climate Change

Yes, climate change is *real.* And Parker is fighting back on behalf of science.

How Randi Zuckerberg Is Teaching Girls in Tech to Dream Big

There's another famous Zuckerberg to put on your radar.

What Do I Do If I'm So Overwhelmed with Work I Can't See Straight?

Our career coach Liz Bentley talks managing it all.

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6 Rules for Work-Life Balance from a Real-Life #GirlBoss

It all starts with "no."

How This Powerhouse Turned Her Fashion Styling Business into an Empire

It's not just about dreaming big (but it helps).

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A Day in the Life of the First Female NFL Official

It involves two showers and up to seven miles of running.

How to Get Promoted at a Job You Hate

Sometimes you can climb the ladder right out of the (super horrible) hole.

What Do I Do If I Hate My Boss?

Our career coach Liz Bentley tells it to you straight.

10 Female App Developers Get Candid About Working in Tech

What's it like to be an Apple iOS developer?

How I Paid Off $23,000 of Debt in 5 Years

Despite getting laid off twice.

11 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Credit Cards

For one, that store credit card might not be the best deal.

The Founder of ClassPass Is Finally Opening Up

Even through the company's recent drama, Payal Kadakia refuses to break a sweat.

How These 3 Women Used Instagram to Launch Their Own Brands

In the midst of all the memes, selfies, and brunch shots, these entrepreneurs built empires.

How Marne Levine Landed One of Silicon Valley's Most Coveted Jobs

The Instagram COO shares her story.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Second Act? Disrupting the Food Industry

How the star battled venture-capital sexism to make the (big, scary) leap from the screen to the test kitchen.

Starbucks Employees Speak Out: Why Don't Baristas Get the Same Maternity Leave as Corporate Workers?

An exclusive look at how the company's new policy affects its most visible staff.

Google wage gap
Discrimination Against Women Is "Extreme" at Google

Happy belated Equal Pay Day, y'all.