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bre krech
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    Hello, Sailor

    BRE KRECH, 30

    Engineer at Motorola, in Minneapolis
    Obsession: Competitive sailing

    When did you start sailing? Around age 6, in Wisconsin.
    Current vessel? A Melges C Scow. Mine is 20 feet long with one sail. It holds up to three people.
    Racing partner? My husband. We've won a bunch of regattas together. People used to say, "If you can sail together, marriage will be simple."
    Skipper or crew? Crew. I'm an engineer, so I like to make the boat go fast.
    Sailing style? I'm vocal on the racecourse.
    Where have you competed? Hawaii and the Midwest, East Coast, and South.
    Most prestigious regatta you've raced in? Championship of Champions, in Connecticut. Event winners from around the country are invited.
    How do you make time to compete? By using vacation days.
    Sailing goal? Winning a national race.
    Advice for beginners? Go sailing! In one lesson, you can pick up 90 percent of it.

    First stop: A yacht club. They're not as snooty as you might think. Many offer lessons for nonmembers.
    Bre's key gear: A wet suit if the combined air and water temperature is less than 120 degrees.

    Elizabeth Weinberg
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