Extracurricular Cool Women

If these women weren't cool enough, their hobbies just took them over the edge. See what these busy bodies do in their spare time.

April 17, 2013 12:45 PM

Iron Lady


Profession: Actress in this month's Iron Man 3.

Obsession: Golfing.

When did you start golfing? At age 10. My dad took me to the golf course on the weekends. 
Experience: I took a year off after high school and played in tournaments all over Europe. 
Highlight reel: A couple of years ago I was the only female celebrity who participated in the Bob Hope Classic. I played from the men's tee! 
Favorite courses: The European Club in Ireland, The Royal County Down in Northern Ireland, and my own club—The Saint Andrews Golf Club in New York. 
I love: My TaylorMade Rossa putter.
I wish:You could wear golf clothes that looked good but didn't look like you were going to play golf. 
I used to: Swear in French on the course. Nobody knew what I was saying. 
Now I say: Golf is just like life. You can be playing great, and then have a terrible hole. You have to forget what went wrong and keep playing. 

BEGINNER'S TIP: "Find a girlfriend to start with you," says Szostak. "It's intimidating when you don't know how to play."