Don't Look Now, but the Fashion Bicycle Short Is Here

🙈 ? 🙏? 🚲?

Moms will always be the It Parent, but dads are having a moment too, particularly in the humor and fashion departments. And with the new, head-scratching trend of fashion-girl bicycle shorts, the two primary spheres of Dad-ism are coming ever closer together, until they form a cell that's just completed mitosis. Here, seven examples of the Lance Armstrong-friendly trouser alternative.

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At its historic Cuba show, Chanel presented embellished Lycra-ish shorts for the ultimate "I'm on holiday, I don't need real pants" ensemble. Feels kind of '80s aerobics class, kind of unfinished, which is not a vibe I would be mad at. 

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again to make bouclé cut like athletic pants happen, as Chanel did once again for Fall 2017. But also, like a dad would say about his stock portfolio, diversify, diversify, diversify—and they did, with roomier, more culotte-ish shorts. 

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Just when you thought "Psh, this won't catch on at all," IN COMES KIM KARDASHIAN with a captivatingly high-waisted pair, worn with ankle-strap sandals, a henley, and a moto jacket the stud factory puked all over. 

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But wait! Here's another adapter: Leandra Medine, who's proven to be the most ardent and creative supporter of cropped leggings. With a blazer and sock boots in this instance...

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To be filed under: Weirdest Things I've Left Home Wearing

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Cowboy boots here...

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And...a lot here! If anybody asks, it is an intriguing silhouette few have cut before and even fewer have dared to attempt. It has a certain sense of dishabille that is very interesting and deserves further exploration. It might also not be the most flattering, but that's beside the point most of the time. And if Dad likes it, then why not? 

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