If the incline bench you avoid at the gym merged with the stability ball that's joined your treadmill in the black hole of unused exercise equipment, the result would be The Bean. This bean-shaped upper- and lower-body workout tool was designed to give you a great strength workout while doing away with the neck and back strain that leave you cursing the inventor of crunches.

The Bean promises results in as little as two weeks, so park it in front of the TV and feel the burn!

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Just inflate The Bean and you're ready to go. The instruction manual comes with 30 exercises and a DVD, so you're never left cluelessly crouching and wobbling. From the basic crunch to the donkey kick, you'll find an exercise that targets every body part -- and even a stretch that instructs you to "Lie face down over The Bean. Relax your whole body." Ah, now that's our type of workout.

Find out more about The Bean at www.bean.com.

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