Bridget Dufour

Your Complete Guide to Fall Fashion 2017

A no-bull breakdown of everything you need—and don't.

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The 50 Most Romantic Paris Spots You've Never Seen Before

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The 50 Most Controversial Outfits of All Time

Because no one can wear a dress made entirely of meat and get away with it.

The 50 Most Fascinating Rumors About Marilyn Monroe

All the attempts to fill in the gaps of the legend's life.

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Jennifer Lopez's 50 Best Looks of All Time

Absolutely flawless since—well—forever.

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15 Celebrities Who Fell Asleep in Public

And kept sleeping as we made memes about it.

10 Weird but Lovable Things We Learned About Chrissy Teigen from Our Cover Shoot

We knew she was real, but we had no idea she was a bring-a-fish-to-set type of real.

The 27 Most Inspiring Moments from Pride 2017

The most colorful time of the year 🌈.