The 8 Best Natural Dry Shampoos of 2023

No benzene here.

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Last week, the FDA issued a recall on a handful of dry shampoos (you can see the entire recall list here) as a result of testing that indicated they had “elevated levels of benzene,” a carcinogen. While you should ditch your aerosol product if it was part of the recall, there’s no need to panic. “The amounts of benzene found in beauty products are not expected to cause any harm,” cosmetic chemist and PHD Dr. Michelle Wong said via Twitter. “You need extremely high exposures to have a noticeably higher risk of cancer.”

That said, it’s a good idea to seek out benzene-free dry shampoos from here on out. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of highly effective, oil-absorbing, texture-boosting products on the market. From plant-based sprays that have been diligently tested to powders that don’t skimp on volume, here are the best natural, safe, and benzene-free dry shampoos to add to your hair routine. 

The Best Natural Dry Shampoos

Samantha Holender
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